Frankly, the world of big-agency advertising and design is packed full of nonsense.

Buzz-words & gobbledygook to make people and concepts sound smarter than they are. Endless mysterious layers of process and internal revisions, second-guessing clients, ludicrously high
mark-ups, office politics and Chinese whispers. 
Countless levels of bureaucracy and a lot of unnecessary people involved that, quite frankly, don’t even need to be in the room.


A lot of smoke and mirrors if you ask me,
which all translates into costs for you; the client.


On the contrary, the growing number of quick-fix crowd-sourced design resources are devaluing the design industry to a point where quality design and thorough thinking are almost completely thrown out the window. What may appear to be a cost-effective kick-start for your business by designing a $200 logo, is likely to cost you a lot more in the long run.


The industry is so full of these two extremes, that it’s rare to actually find somewhere that comfortably sits in the middle without compromising on top-notch work.


Which is what led us to create Frankly.

A down-to-earth branding studio with two things in mind; honesty and great work.


We bring global design & marketing experience to every client, without the pretension or absurd overheads.

We knuckle down and say it as it is, no bull.


We are not a mega-agency geared towards seven-figure marketing budgets. We are here to help clients of all sizes grow beyond their expectations by combining beautiful design with sharp thinking.

So let’s cut the fluff and get to the good stuff.


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