We created a social movement that gave children around the world a powerful voice against domestic voilence.


Two women and one man die every fortnight from domestic violence in Australia. We needed to find a way to raise awareness, and more importantly, find a way of reducing the impact of domestic violence across Australia and the world. 


Exposure to domestic violence at a young age often results in this behaviour and mindset being passed on to future generations. We can stop this cycle by targeting children before they consider domestic violence to be a normal and acceptable part of life.


We needed to give children a voice – a chance to shout out and say that domestic violence needs to stop. A chance to make some noise. So we gave children of Australia and the world a Minute of Noise.

A symbolic event that encouraged kids to speak out about domestic violence; and they did just that.


The entire campaign was a private project created without the assistance of any agencies or production companies - produced and promoted with $0 budget.


Without the use of any paid media, we were able to reach over 20,000 children across 12 countries, along with corporate and social groups, celebrities and even members of government joining in to unite under one loud voice, spreading the message that domestic violence has no place in society and that it is okay to speak out about it.

All money raised from the campaign went directly to educational camps helping kids affected by domestic violence.